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Platform Ticket has a huge amount of experience in all aspects of on and offline design, this means you can have confidence in placing us at the core of your digital strategy. In the unlikely event that we don’t have sufficient in-house skills to deliver the result you need, we won’t think twice about bringing in a specialist, ensuring we deliver the perfect solution.


If you are in the process of establishing a digital strategy, we are happy to consult to ensure that the outcome is right for your organisation. We are already doing this for a number of Government departments with great success.


We provide graphic design for branding and literature projects that is creative, conceptual and functional. Branding projects include name generation, creating identities, branding, design & implementation, from stationery, literature, presentations, marketing material and websites to livery, exhibitions and advertising as well as producing brand guidelines.

Literature projects include the design of marketing and corporate brochures, annual reports, presentations and creating design systems that can be flexible across multiple applications whilst retaining a strong brand image. Indesign, Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates can be created as applicable, as well as Microsoft Office tables, charts and graphs to comply with the brand guidelines.

Please feel free to contact us to discover more ways that we can help.

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