Digital consultancy – mixing traditional publishing values with modern technology

We think of digital consultancy as a friendly way to help you to keep up to date with the latest technology. Many of our clients need to understanding the ever-changing face of digital publishing, and we’ve been in this space now for over twelve years. With extensive experience of working on large Government publications and workflows through to the smallest private sector project – each equally as important as the other –  the solution is only a conversation away, so stay ahead of the competition.

We take great pride in designing, developing
and delivering everything digital.

We are all about mixing traditional publishing values with modern technology and speeding up the process. We help you to produce your documents, publications or magazines in the most economical way, but keeping the quality you always expected.

From digital consultancy through to the creation and support of exceptional websites, apps and digital assets we strive to meet our Client’s exact needs, not our own.

And, unlike so many agencies, we are focused on project management to successfully manage and deliver your project on time and within budget.

At Platform Ticket we understand the digital space is ever-changing but our digital consultancy method will help you stay ahead of the competition – we’re here to help.

— Adam, 2014

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