Anshen + Allen

Project Description

Corporate brochure and exhibition graphics.

The brand look and feel of the newly named architect firm Anshen+Allen was developed accommodating all levels of marketing material. The colour palette was devised using the red and black of the identity as the primary colours and a series of warm greys created the secondary colour palette.

The European corporate brochure was required to be read on two levels, with the introduction text and captions giving a quick overview and then the body text providing more details. This was achieved by using a combination of short pages (the width approximately two thirds of the width of the brochure), which were used to highlight particular projects and full pages with coloured panels on the right hand side of the spread containing either quotes or captions.

Exhibition graphics were designed for a number of BSEC (Building Schools Exhibition and Conference) events. The content and information were kept in the display area so that it was easy to read for the visitors. The bold red banner consisting of key words was designed to go around the top of the stand, this together with the large ‘hero’ images and bold introduction text were used to enable Anshen + Allen to stand out and attract visitors. The smaller images and text provided project descriptions and key information.

Pop-up stands and awards boards along with an invitation were also produced. By using the text as the graphics for the event and invitation, a brand consistency was created. A pack of postcards (consisting of historic and modern projects by Anshen + Allen) were designed.

Project Details