Camelot (Charts)

Project Description

Charts and graphs.

The design of the templates for Camelot’s National Lottery Bid document. This included three different sections with three different looks whilst maintaining a standardised look and feel throughout. These sections would total approximately 10,000 pages and were referred to as; Executive Summary, Fluid Section and Solid Section and would be inserted into a number of ring binders.

A systematic approach was required in creating the grid and formula for the three sections. Firstly the content was analysed and the variants worked out. To achieve the required result, a consistent placement of information throughout the sections including, headers and footers, headings, body text, graphs and charts etc. was created. The style however would differ from section to section. The Solid and Fluid sections were designed first, the Executive Summary was then designed using a combination of elements from the two sections.

There would be many varieties of charts, graphs and diagrams throughout the 10,000 page document, and were styled accordingly for the three sections.

Project Details