The Coaching Centre – Case Study

Project Description

The client

Our client, the Norfolk and Suffolk Dementia Alliance provide education, training and support to care professionals in the fundamentals of care and dementia.

Based at the Norwich Research Park, the NSDA is a strategic alliance, committed to achieving the vision of comfort, compassion and dignity for people with dementia. They are funded by universities, local authorities and charities.

A background

In 2014 the NSDA completed their first Care Coaching programme. This training course took 400 care workers from various sites throughout Norfolk and Suffolk and provided them with training on the core competencies in dementia care. There were 10 training days provided with an initial IT induction.

The care coaching training followed the “train the trainer” model with care professionals receiving training in how to disseminate their own understanding to colleagues within their environment.

To support this model, we developed a web and mobile app to allow the coach to record the number of interactions they provided, access resources used for training their colleagues and manage their own training programme through diaries, evaluations and assessments.

The care coaches were provided their own iPad by the NSDA to use to manage their training and deliver training to their colleagues.

The requirements

  • A training management system, The Coaching Centre, was built for care coaches and administrators.
  • The requirements for Care Coaches included:
  • Resource management system
  • Calendar, reminders and training schedule
  • Self-assessments and evaluation system
  • Logging of coaching time delivered
  • Support and help system
  • The requirements for Administrators included:
  • Coach and organisation management
  • iPad profile generation
  • Email system (POP/IMAP/SMTP) with bulk emailing
  • Content management
  • Calendar and training attendance management system
  • Invoice generation for payments to organisations
  • Reporting and data exporting

What we built

We combined custom development with non-proprietary systems to deliver the completed Coaching Centre. We integrated Google Drive to manage resources and Google Calendar to manage their training programme. We utilised these APIs to integrate them seamlessly into the apps.


A separate administration website was built to allow the training provider to record attendances, report on evaluations and manage the coaches on the course. We have built a number of bespoke reports using Microsoft Reporting Services to deliver the detail around the progress of the training.


The project outcomes

The initial Dementia Care Coach training programme was delivered throughout 2013/14 to 400 care professionals and the Coaching Centre was used to record the delivery of thousands of hours of training in Norfolk and Suffolk care homes.

The Coaching Centre was also adapted to help Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead CCG deliver their own training programme in 2015 and we are in discussion with other local authorities to adopt the model and software for their own areas.

The training software was so successful that a second, more broad Care Coaching programme was commissioned in 2015 and we are now refining and adapting the application to support the delivery of this NSDA delivered training.

Project Details

  • A training management system, The Coaching Centre, was built for care coaches and administrators.