Modern publishing techniques

At Platform Ticket our Publishing Consultancy has some great expertise in modern techniques, from beautifully designed Word templates with amazing usability and automation using MS add-ins, through to Indesign templates using scripting to achieve a simple and easy end result.

This helps our clients achieve a structured document ready to be published in multiple formats from PDF, ePub, HTML through to XML, also including Adobe DPS. Our clients range from the House of Commons, House of Lords, Department for Transport and The National Audit Office to name a few.

For example, we have created a Word template for the House of Commons and House of Lords that flows directly into Indesign using mapping, and with our clever use of scripts, the time to achieve the end result has been halved.

There has been a divide between designers: those who work in print distribution and those in digital distribution. Their techniques and methods are far more common than many believe. Both sides of this communications field are heavily influenced by each other. Grid systems and typography now play a strong role in web-based design, and usability and user experience play a big part in developing print material.


Keeping all your content structured throughout the publishing process will save time and money.

Indesign, Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates can be created as applicable, as well as Microsoft Office tables, charts and graphs to comply with the brand guidelines.

1. Word Template

A well constructed Microsoft Word template.

2. Bespoke Scripts

Both Word ad-ins and Indesign scripts.

3. Indesign Templates

A well constructed Adobe Indesign template.

4. Ready to publish

Fast and efficient end to end publishing.

Quicker that traditional Indesign and Word production


Charts, diagrams and graphs that can be created by many over a period of time have no standardisation of the charting process or the visual styling. This can be confusing to the user and the message of some charts was lost.

Together the designer and you will go through each chart to fully understand the principles and message. The corporate look will then be developed and all of the charts, diagrams and graphs will be re-worked and re-drawn to conform to your new corporate style. This results in clear communication and visually consistent charts and diagrams.

Crown Commercial Service

Platform Ticket has some great Government clients currently using our expertise to produce  ePub/Digital publishing, Word and Indesign templates, through to XML and WordPress, and offer ongoing consultancy to large and small projects. We are also on the Crown Commercial Service framework.

Oxford PV – MS Office (charts)
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AIB (Allied Irish Bank)
branding design guidelines publishing-consultancy
Oxford PV – Microsoft Office
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branding design guidelines publishing-consultancy