Maximum value from continuous improvement and enhancements

User centered design seems obvious, but so often the focus is on technology rather than the people who will use it.

Our unique approach

We are expert at identifying the real needs of the users. Research and a short discovery phase, rapid prototyping and design to keep the amount of throw away to a minimum, regular usage testing and a focus on delivery. Finding out what users need, and what the constraints are, leads to success.


Wireframing to prototyping, responsive, device agnostic and gorgeous. We always prefer to jump straight into prototyping, using the latest technology to minimise the amount of throw away work.


Usage testing – let the user decide. Regular, ad-hoc, formal and remote testing. Whether it’s lab based, remote or 1 to 1, you really can’t beat usage testing to truly understand how to improve the user experience.


Maximum value comes from continuous improvement and enhancements. Small and fast iterations and delivering something of value as quickly as possible is the key to making sure you don’t get bogged down in a large, doomed to fail, behemoth of a project. Once live, analytics become the prime driver of a continuous programme of improvement. To maximise the benefit from all the hard work it is important not to let it stagnate.

Part of the team

We always prefer to collaborate with your own team, it’s better for everyone and means you keep as much of the knowledge as possible in-house.

Let us create the team

We can take on entire projects or join your existing team and get involved with the integration. We advise clients on how best to run and achieve continuous improvement.

Contact us to find out more

We don’t start by designing or coding or even drawing, no, we start by asking creative questions and listening to you. We dig and dig until we know everything about our clients & to make sure we know precisely how we can help them with all their needs, and future requirements. This also includes our passion for new technologies and making sure you are also up-to-date with them.