Not just any off the shelf WordPress templates

We use our own quality controlled foundation theme with a great design that passes all the validations of the WordPress theme checker. Our theme is lightweight and built with all the latest cutting edge approaches.

Did you know we also specialise in bespoke WordPress plugins and can cater for any of your business functionality needs? If a plugin does not exist, then let us know.

WordPress Support

We can also offer support on your WordPress site. We take pride in offering fantastic WordPress maintenance and hands-on support.

Performance Optimization

Slow sites will not only frustrate your visitors; they’ll get you penalised by Google. We can make sure your site is running quickly and efficiently.

Automated Backups

Did you know that your web host isn’t liable if they lose your data? We can ensure your website’s database, files, and images are stored offsite every day.

Web Apps with WordPress

We have also come to realise it’s not just websites you can build with WordPress it can also power your Web Apps.

Apps don’t necessarily have to be built for native Android or Apple platforms, with a Web App you can cater for all devices including desktops plus with the added bonus of reducing the costs of development and any future modifications.

Applications built on a WordPress platform not only benefit from the already built core elements, like role management but also allow your App to be easily maintained and grown in any direction you wish. To us, it’s a no-brainer.


At Platform Ticket we strive to create the best quality bespoke WordPress sites for our clients.

We don’t start by designing or coding or even drawing, no, we start by asking creative questions and listening to you. We dig and dig until we know everything about our clients & to make sure we know precisely how we can help them with all their needs, and future requirements. This also includes our passion for new technologies and making sure you are also up-to-date with them.

Business focused

By getting to know your business I can build a website that matches your goals, not mine.

Great search rankings

All the latest SEO techniques to keep your website high in the search rankings.

Fast page loads

Visitors and search engines both love a fast website. Your rankings and conversions will both benefit.

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